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24 Years and Counting of Life-changing Instruction



Saylor's  Safe Driving School began in 1994 with one goal in mind, helping new  drivers become more confident and safer on the roads. Now, over 24 years  and over 900,000 accident free teaching miles later, Saylor's is still  going strong and busier than ever, doing our best to bring the latest  safety skills to our new students.

 The School and it's  instructors are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to  teach behind-the-wheel and classroom instruction. The instructors have  been well educated in driver training safety  not only with college  driver's ed classes but also by attending various seminars which are  held regularly to keep driving educators informed of the latest safety  issues.

 Our students are all ages.  All that is needed is a  valid learner's permit or driver's license and an hour of your time for a  lesson. Teenagers and their parents find the lessons are a great help  in getting a driving career started.  A few lessons in the beginning do a  lot for both student and parent to be less fearful about being on the  road. Also, a teenager may qualify for an insurance discount by taking  our 6 hour course. Check with your insurance company for details. The  more mature student may just want a refresher course or have a need to  learn later in life because of life changes. 

We also work well with the nervous driver!

Presently we are contracted with one high school

Whatever  the age, Saylor's is dedicated to helping our students learn how to be  as safe as possible in a very unsafe environment.
All students who qualify will receive a certificate upon completion.

Please call us at 717-627-5009 with any questions you may have.